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Mining Toolbox for Numerical Modeling, Seismic Analysis, and more

IMAT is a cutting-edge geotechnical modeling and seismic analysis toolbox for mining professionals, offering an intuitive interface and powerful numerical tools to streamline complex simulations, optimize designs, perform seismic analysis, and manage risks efficiently.


What Kinds Of Problems Can IMAT Solve?

Close up view of IMAT model

Beaconsfield Mine modeled in IMAT showing the automatically generated octree mesh (in section) and underground excavation as blocks.

Nodal planes

Modelled mine with seismic data

Stress directions

A stereonet plot of seismicity can indicate the orientation of principal stress.


Why Choose IMAT?

Explore IMAT’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Unlock powerful computing capabilities without needing to build meshes or work with data files or scripting. Discover why IMAT is the ideal choice:

  • Seismic analysis (locations, magnitudes and mechanisms)

  • Advanced 3D numerical modeling

  • Multiple material domains

  • Staged analysis

  • Calculate and visualize stresses and displacements

  • Import mine geometries for visualization and model creation

  • Model faults as weak zones

  • Multiple constitutive models for rock including Hoek-Brown and Ubiquitous Joints.  IMASS model available as an option

  • Can model failure and plasticity.  Strain softening available for most constitutive models

  • Model can generate seismic data for comparison with actual recorded data

  • Easy movie generation for interpreting results

  • UI-driven experience – no scripting required

  • Importing mine geometries for different stages of excavation allows for quick and easy automatic generation of staged geomechanical analysis.  Hundreds of stages can be set up in seconds.

  • Easy specification of material properties and in-situ stresses through dialogs.  Meaningful defaults provided.

  • Common boundary conditions applied with one or two clicks

  • Simple model mesh creation (octree)

  • Extensive help system including dozens of how-to videos

  • Movie templates provided for easy creation of movies of common views (e.g. stress, displacement)

  • Querying of stresses or displacements at specified points can be done simply by clicking on the finished model

  • Built on FLAC3D engine

  • Combines multiple capabilities into one product

  • Block model visualization

  • Advanced seismic (option) analysis

  • Start using IMASS (option) in your mine scale modeling

  • UI driven model building and an interface targeted to mining applications makes model building faster than ever (minutes or hours instead of days or weeks)

  • Use Basic mode to quickly run simple elastic or plastic models with no distractions

  • Use Advanced mode to easily construct complex models with access to all generated FLAC3D data files to learn FLAC3D and customize models


Everything You Need And More Included:

Expand your IMAT software capabilities with our included options, designed to tackle diverse engineering challenges effectively. Explore our selection of options to customize your IMAT experience.
  • Upload your seismic data directly into IMAT

  • Visualize locations, magnitudes, and the evolution of seismicity through time and space

  • Visualize seismic event moment tensors

  • Many different chart-based analyses including T-k Hudson plots and Gutenberg-Richter type b-value plots

  • Compare seismicity produced by numerical model with actual imported seismicity

  • The Itasca Constitutive Model for Advanced Strain Softening (IMASS) has been developed to represent the rock mass response to excavation induced stress changes. IMASS represents the damage around an excavation, slope, or caving process by accounting for the progressive failure and disintegration of the rock mass from intact, jointed, and/or veined rock to a disaggregated, bulked material. IMASS is based on empirical relationships and uses strain and zone-size dependent properties that reflect the impacts of dilation and bulking as a rock mass undergoes plastic deformation.



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