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How ITASCA Software Addresses Various Problems


Enhance civil engineering endeavors with ITASCA's versatile modeling software. Address geotechnical challenges and ensure lasting results for a variety of projects, from structural assessments to integrity analyses.


Optimize energy sector modeling using ITASCA's adaptable software. Navigate geomechanics, enhance reservoir simulations, and anticipate subsurface behavior for more informed and efficient energy ventures.


Refine material insights through ITASCA's robust modeling software. Analyze material behavior, simulate deformation, and enhance manufacturing processes for greater innovation and operational excellence.


Transform mining operations with ITASCA's advanced modeling software. Predict ground behavior, design efficient excavations, and optimize mineral extraction to maximize resource utilization and minimize risks.


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Explore ITASCA's innovative software selection for geotechnical analyses, rock mechanics modeling, granular material simulations, and more. Find software for your industry and needs, and unlock accuracy and flexibility in every project.

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ITASCA Software FLAC3D Logo
Continuum Modeling for Geomechanics in 3D

Choose FLAC3D for advanced geotechnical problem solving. Ideal for 3D soil, rock, concrete analysis, structural ground support, and groundwater flow. Optimize solutions now and check out the latest version, FLAC3D 9.1!

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ITASCA Software FLAC2D Logo
Continuum Modeling for Geomechanics in 2D

Choose FLAC2D for advanced geotechnical problem solving. Ideal for 2D soil, rock, concrete analysis, structural ground support, and groundwater flow. Optimize solutions now and check out the latest version, FLAC2D 9.1!

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ITASCA Software 3DEC Logo
Distinct-Element Modeling of Jointed and Blocky Materials in 3D

Opt for 3DEC for cutting-edge 3D geotechnical analysis. Tailored for complex soil, rock, and structural simulations, including dynamic modeling and ground support. Elevate your solutions and check out the latest version, 3DEC 9.1!

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ITASCA Software UDEC Logo
Distinct-Element Modeling of Jointed and Blocky Materials in 2D

Redefine geomechanical analysis with UDEC. Designed for 2D modeling of rock and soil behavior, including discontinuities. Perfect for mining, tunneling, and civil engineering projects. Explore new horizons in geomechanics!

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ITASCA Software PFC Suite Logo
General Purpose Distinct-Element Modeling Framework in 3D & 2D

Experience transformative 3D & 2D particle analysis with PFC Suite. Unleash the power of realistic simulations for granular materials, rock, and more. Elevate your modeling to new heights and check out the latest version, PFC Suite 9.1!

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ITASCA Software PFC2D Logo
General Purpose Distinct-Element Modeling Framework in 2D

Embrace PFC2D for streamlined 2D particle modeling. Ideal for granular material, rock, and soil simulations, including fractures and complex interactions. Simplify your modeling journey today and check out the latest version, PFC2D 9.1!

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ITASCA Software XSite Logo
Hydraulic Fracture Simulation of 3D Fracture Networks

Elevate your geotechnical and hydrogeological problem-solving with XSite. Essential for hydraulic fracturing simulations of your energy or mining operation. Optimize solutions now with XSite!

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ITASCA Software MassFlow Logo
Simulation Software for Optimizing Processes with Granular Material Simulation

Optimize your geotechnical solutions effortlessly with MassFlow. Perfect for comprehensive analyses in soil, rock, concrete, structural ground support, and groundwater flow. Explore the latest innovations with MassFlow 9.1!

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Advanced Meshing Tools for Numerical Modeling

As a versatile Rhinoceros CAD plugin, Griddle is the ideal solution for tackling complex model geometries and simulations. This powerful tool naturally simplifies even the most intricate and repetitive meshing tasks, allowing you to streamline your modeling process with ease.

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ITASCA Software IMAT Logo
Mining Toolbox for Numerical Modeling, Seismic Analysis, and more

IMAT is a cutting-edge geotechnical modeling and seismic analysis toolbox for mining professionals, offering an intuitive interface and powerful numerical tools to streamline complex simulations, optimize designs, perform seismic analysis, and manage risks efficiently.

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Case Studies

Explore the measurable impact of ITASCA's Software solutions in real-world geotechnical engineering applications through our comprehensive collection of case studies.

In the booming wind energy industry, innovation has become the cornerstone of success. Mortenson in collaboration with ITASCA developed a groundbreaking machine learning tool in conjunction with FLAC3D and PCF3D. This tool not only accelerates the planning of crane walks during wind turbine installation but does so with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Download the complete case study for in-depth insights into this remarkable project.


See What Users Have To Say

“I have been working with [ITASCA] and their software packages since 2012, and been impressed by their focus on quality, education, and customer care."
Sam Abbaszadeh, Stantec
"FLAC2D and FLAC3D have proven to be essential tools in the fields of geomechanics and geotechnical engineering. These two codes represent an absolute benchmark for performing slope stability analyses and for solving soil-structure interaction problems with particular reference to bridges and viaducts."
Walter Salvatore, Consorzio Fabre
"[FLAC3D] excels in modeling intricate geomechanical behaviors in three dimensions, offering an invaluable tool for our team. Its user-friendly interface was easy to navigate, enabling us to swiftly model scenarios we once found challenging to conceptualize.”
Sofiane Djezzar, EERC/UND
“In addition to its technical prowess, the support provided by the creators of FLAC3D [ITASCA] deserves commendation. Their commitment to user assistance through well-documented resources, tutorial videos, and responsive support channels greatly facilitates the learning curve for newcomers, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.”
Zarina Mukhamedyarova, PhD Candidate
“The flexibility FLAC[2D] offers in simulating the geoengineered systems as realistically as possible, and the accessibility to nearly all the FLAC’s functionality through FISH has been a key point that motivated me to use FLAC in my research.”
Girish Kumar, PhD
"The GUI, FISH language, constitutive models, & formulation make FLAC my go-to analysis tool for project & research work."
Richard Armstrong, Geoanalysis Support/ CSU, Sacramento
"The recent changes and enhancements made to [ITASCA's] FLAC2D & 3D codes cover very well our increasing professional demands in advanced Civil Engineering Applications – well done."
Fulvio Besseghini, Lombardi Engineering Ltd.
“The software [is] very stable and the software manual is very well-organized and clear. [Also], the software integration between PFC3D and FLAC3D makes it easier to create coupled finite difference and discrete element models than [ever] before.”
Chong Wei, PhD
“Using Griddle, the 3D [mesh] was introduced into 3DEC models (including zones and contacts) in a relatively efficient amount of time.”
Fico Dio Agrensa, PhD Candidate
“I’ve been using [ITASCA] software, mainly FLAC2D and FLAC3D and UDEC, for the past 20+ years. It helped solved complex problems and allow me to customize the solution through coding. [ITASCA] software is my ultimate go-to for difficult geotechnical problems.”
Farzaan Abbasy, PhD
“The numerical modelling for mitigating the liquefaction risk is a challenging [task] which would be otherwise impossible without a finite difference code like FLAC3D.”
Gianluca Fasano, PhD
“FLAC2D software provides me with all the necessary elements to carry [out] successful dynamic analysis.”
Rita Abou Jaoude, PhD
“[ITASCA] software [including] FLAC3D, UDEC, and 3DEC are quite powerful and user-friendly.”
Jung Wang, PhD Candidate
“Integrating FLAC3D has unquestionably transformed our approach to geotechnical challenges. The unparalleled confidence and accuracy it provides make it an indispensable asset.”
Sofiane Djezzar, EERC/UND
“PFC is simple to use and the examples provided explain and help a lot.”
Tarek Mohamed, PhD Candidate
"The implementation of finite difference method ensures high-quality results, and the new versions of the codes have been significantly improved with a new user interface while the technical support from ITASCA is absolutely outstanding."
Walter Salvatore, Consorzio Fabre
"The precision that FLAC3D offered, especially in visualizing potential subsurface movements and stresses, empowered us to make more insightful decisions throughout the project. The end result was both safer and more efficient."
Sofiane Djezzar, EERC/UND
“I used FLAC3D for a slope stability project and I was really impressed with its simplicity and, of course, the FISH [scripting] language.”
Wenbo Zheng, PhD
“This software has proven to be an exceptional tool, offering an array of features that greatly facilitate various aspects of research work. FLAC3D's user-friendly interface, coupled with its comprehensive documentation and extensive video materials, makes it accessible and approachable for users of all skill levels.”
Zarina Mukhamedyarova, PhD Candidate

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  • 12-month subscription product with monthly payment offer include maintenance, support, and product upgrades during life of subscription.

  • Owned license offering which includes one year of product support and maintenance releases.

  • Annual subscription product with available volume discounts.

  • Offering which custom product configuration for academic setting.


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