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Hydraulic Fracture Simulation of 3D Fracture Networks

Elevate your geotechnical problem-solving with XSite. As a software for 3D site development and design, XSite is ideal for analyzing soil, rock, concrete, structural ground support, and groundwater flow. Optimize solutions now with XSite!


What Kinds Of Problems Can XSite Solve?

XSite: Innovative Software for Streamlining Site Development and Design


Why Choose XSite?

Explore XSite’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Unlock powerful computing capabilities, including the ability to run two models simultaneously. Discover why XSite is the ideal choice:

  • Mechanical (statics, small-strain)

  • Mechanical (statics, large-strain)

  • Multiple, Simultaneous Failure Mechanisms

  • Material Flow

  • Dynamics (Earthquakes, Blasting, Vibration)

  • Thermal

  • User Defined Contact Models (UDC)

  • Recovery and Dilution

  • Surface Subsidence

  • * Service Limit State and Ultimate Limit State (URL)

  • Streamlined modeling and simulation workflows

  • Automated processes for efficient modeling

  • Built-in logic for proppant transport and fracture interaction

  • User-friendly settings for fluid flow simulations

  • Integrated borehole flow calculations

  • Automated tracking and recording of synthetic microseismicity

  • High-performance numerical simulation

  • Fast and accurate hydraulic fracturing modeling

  • Efficient parallel processing for quicker results

  • Rapid resolution of hydraulic fracture interactions

  • Speedy modeling of multiple wellbores, stages, and clusters

  • Optimized fluid flow simulations

  • Quick calculation of proppant transport and fracture interaction

  • Reduced computation time for borehole flow and fluid distribution

  • Swift tracking and recording of synthetic microseismicity

  • Three-dimensional hydraulic fracturing simulation

  • Utilizes Synthetic Rock Mass (SRM) and Lattice methods

  • Models multiple wellbores with multiple stages and clusters

  • Handles open-hole completions and perforation tunnels

  • Resolves hydraulic fracture interactions, including those in naturally fractured reservoirs

  • Incorporates deterministically or stochastically generated discrete fracture networks (DFNs)

  • Conducts fully coupled hydro-mechanical simulations

  • Simulates fluid flow within fracture networks and matrix flow within the intact rock

  • Includes proppant transport and placement logic

  • Accounts for proppant’s impact on fracture closure and conductivitcords synthetic microseismicity

  • Versatile three-dimensional hydraulic fracturing simulation

  • Adaptable to various wellbore configurations, including open-hole completions and perforation tunnels

  • Accommodates different hydraulic fracture scenarios, including those in naturally fractured reservoirs

  • Supports deterministic or stochastic discrete fracture network (DFN) generation

  • Customizable hydro-mechanical simulations

  • Flexible fluid flow modeling, allowing for different fluid types and schedules

  • Adjustable proppant transport and placement options

  • Adaptable borehole flow calculations for various cluster configurations

  • Tailorable tracking and recording of synthetic microseismicity


Everything You Need And More Included:

  • Fluid flow and mechanical simulations can be done separately or coupled

  • The fluid flow is approximated by a flow through a network of pipes that connect fluid elements, located at the centers of either broken springs or springs intersected by pre-existing joints

  • The flow pipe network is dynamic and automatically updated by connecting newly formed micro-cracks to the existing flow network

  • Non-steady fluid flow is modeled within the joint network and intact rock, maintaining continuity of fluid mass and pressures between joints and the rock matrix

  • Effective stress calculations are carried out

  • Fracture permeability depends on aperture, or on the deformation of the solid model

  • Fluid pressure affects both deformation and the strength of the solid model

  • The deformation of the solid model affects the fluid pressures (i.e., fluid pressure changes under undrained conditions)

  • Includes logic for simulation of proppant transport and placement

  • Newtonian and power-law fluid flow available

  • Non-Darcy effects and pressure drop at perforation clusters are possible

  • Represents leakoff explicitly, as flow into DFN and porous medium flow into rock matrix, or as Carter leakoff

  • Synthetic microseismic events are formed in the model by new micro-crack (tensile bond breaks) and slip on existing joints (assuming all slips are seismic)

  • Event magnitudes associated with micro-cracks and joint slips are calculated differently

  • Since springs are brittle and their breakage always results in local instability, it is possible to estimate radiated seismic energy based on transient change in strain energy in the vicinity of the broken spring or micro-crack

  • In the case of slippage across natural fractures, the energy released by the slip events is calculated based on the slip area, slip magnitude, and elastic properties of the surrounding medium

  • This allows ranking of different microseismic events (both bond breakage and joint slips) occurring during simulation based on their magnitude

  • Events that are related spatially and temporally are clustered together


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